What is Shibboleth?

The Shibboleth System is a standards based, open source software package for web single sign-on across or within organizational boundaries. More information can be found at http://oit.ncsu.edu/iam/shibboleth/.

Do Not Bookmark This Page

Shibboleth works by authenticating your Unity ID and password, and then redirecting you back to the service you came from. If you bookmark this page, Shibboleth won't know which service to send you back to, and will display an error.

How do I know this isn't a scam to steal my password?

The URL of this page, which should be visible near the top of your browser, should be our webserver address: https://shib.ncsu.edu/idp/Authn/UserPassword.

If this page has been presented within the frame of another page, please click this link to break out of the frame so you can verify the URL in your browser.

The NCSU server address is verified by an SSL certificate signed by InCommon.

What if I think this is a scam?

If these items do not check out, please do not login to this page, and report the site that has copied our login to help@ncsu.edu.